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Using Assessments and Knowledge of Students to Inform Instruction

6.3 Designing Student Assessments to Inform Planning: Teacher plans to use assessment results to plan for future instruction for groups of students. 3.2 Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness in Lesson Adjustments: Teacher makes a minor adjustment to a lesson, and the … Continue reading

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Increasing Student Engagement

2.2 Engaging Students in Learning. Keeping students engaged during lessons is critical to increasing student achievement. Recognizing when student engagement is low, and being flexible enough to be able to change the lesson is also key to creating a successful … Continue reading

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Communicating with Families

Program standard 7.1 Communicating with Families: Teacher communicates with families about students’ progress on a regular basis, respecting cultural norms, and is available as needed to respond to family concerns. To me, this standard explains the importance of talking to … Continue reading

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Demonstrating Knowledge of Students

3.1 Demonstrating Knowledge of Students. To me, this standard means that I can recognize the need to differentiate lessons and content to help my students fully grasp the concepts. Throughout this school year, I have discovered that while my students’ … Continue reading

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Course Reflection: EDU 6942

For this course reflection, I decided to connect program standard 5, which focuses on the learning environment, to how teachers get ready for the first day of school, which was the topic for Module 2. Program Standard 5 states: “The … Continue reading

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Artifact Summary: EDSP 6644

  This year, I will be embarking on my sixth year of teaching elementary school. Last year, I had one student previously diagnosed with dyslexia, and one student during the school year whom I identified as having a learning difficulty. … Continue reading

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Classroom Tips Project EDU 6363

I used Microsoft Sway to show 7 Classroom Tips for Integrating Technology in the ELA and Social Studies Classroom. I chose this topic because it is an area of improvement for myself, as a current 3rd grade teacher at a … Continue reading

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